FAQ Penis Enlargement

The procedure is safe.

Complications are rare and usually minor, including temporary swelling and mild bruising.

For more details on risks and possible complications, see here

Worldwide, the number of facial aesthetic procedures performed using reversible dermal fillers exceeds 5 million each year.

Complications are exceedingly rare when a reversible dermal filler is injected by an experienced doctor.

The number of procedures performed using reversible penis filler to enlarge the penis is approximately 20,000 per year worldwide.

This is the safest medical approach available to thicken the penis.

You could, for example, come in during your lunch hour and have a 30-minute consultation with the doctor.

Then, if you wanted to go ahead, the doctor would give you some numbing cream to apply to the penis.

Then wait 30 minutes; for the penis to go numb. Local anaesthetic is then injected to minimise any discomfort.

You then lay back and the doctor injects the filler into a layer within the penis shaft instantly thickening the penis.

You could go straight back to work if you take it easy, for example, if you work in an office.

However, you should avoid strenuous manual labour or heavy lifting (public gyms) for one week, or as instructed by your doctor.

– You’re unlikely to experience pain during the procedure, or during the recovery.

A video of the complete procedure is shown below.

It is possible to complete the procedure with only one needle incision through the use of a cannula if preferred.

The amount of girth gained depends on the length of the penis and the amount of filler injected.

Your doctor may recommend an initial treatment of 8 – 10 mls of filler for an estimated 1 to 2 cm increase in penis circumference (thickness), depending on penis length and other factors such as skin thickness and elasticity.

A shorter penis will require less filler, and therefore less cost. Conversely, a longer penis will require more filler.

Individual results will vary from patient to patient and results can not be accurately predicted.

For a link to estimates of the amount of filler required to achieve your goal, please click here.

Some patients will achieve more volume increase from a given amount of filler than others.

An increase of 2 cm to 3 cm is roughly a 20-30% increase in the thickness of the average penis.

This is a substantial gain in penis size and will require some adjustment before any additional increase is contemplated.

The increase in girth can certainly be noticeable during sex, for both you and your partner, and we strongly recommend testing your new girth with any long term partner, before opting for any additional size gains.

Further injections can be provided at a follow-up appointment if additional girth is desired, and patients have flexibility in determining the amount of girth gained, within medically acceptable limits.

In terms of the volume of filler added to the penis, HA is one of the most hygroscopic molecules known in nature, meaning that it absorbs water from the surrounding tissue.

The safest and most effective approach is to add girth cumulatively, in manageable steps and with repeat visits, rather than an ‘all in one go’ approach.

See our Before and After section for typical results.

* Individual results may vary from person to person.


This is a non-invasive approach to increasing the girth of the penis, using established techniques from aesthetic medicine.

The procedure itself is completed in less than 30 minutes, with the application of topical anaesthetic cream only.

You will be awake during the procedure which involves the doctor injecting the reversible dermal filler under the skin of the penis around the penis shaft.

Patients are able to leave the clinic directly after the procedure and are free to walk or drive home.

The procedure requires no stitches and leaves only tiny injection points from the filler syringe, which close on their own in a matter of seconds.


You are able to drive home following the procedure, you will not be sedated and you are unlikely to be in discomfort.

No stitches are required.

Your doctor may use a surgical glue to seal small incisions made in order to insert a cannula.

You should not have sexual intercourse for fourteen days following the procedure.

This ensures that all injection points are completely healed over, in order to reduce any chance of infection.

During the first 3-5 days, the filler is malleable and may migrate away from the location it was injected should the patient engage in sexual intercourse too early.


The penis will function normally in terms of erection and urination. The angle of the erection may be lower due to the increased weight of the penis, and the penis may hang slightly lower when soft (less retraction).  The penis will have more girth or thickness when soft and when hard.

The angle of the erection may be lower due to the increased weight of the penis, and the penis may hang slightly lower when soft (less retraction).  The penis will have more girth or thickness when soft and when hard.

The penis will have more girth or thickness when soft and when hard.


Your penis will be instantly thicker following the treatment, due to the filler added to the penis.

You can book in for the treatment on the same day as your consultation with the plastic surgeon and have both the consultation and the treatment completed within the hour.


The filler will slowly reabsorb.

Depending on the type of filler most reversible dermal fillers have a half-life (meaning 50% has gone) at between 12 to 24 months following your procedure.

Biostimulator penis fillers have a longer half-life, up to 4 years depending on the product type.

Eventually, all of the dermal filler will be passed out of the body.

You may need approximately 1/2 the original amount of filler again in a repeat treatment, usually in 12-24 months if you wish to maintain your extra penis girth.

Results will vary from patient to patient.

If a reversible filler is used, the filler can be dissolved away instantly through the injection of an enzyme.

This is an important additional safety aspect of a reversible filler and is sometimes requested if the extra girth is causing your partner any difficulties during sex.

(In short, the reversible filler can be dissolved away).

In our experience, partner dissatisfaction is rare, with the vast majority of patients experiencing improved sexual relations following the girth enhancement.

It is important to know, that while very rare, it is possible for the filler to be reabsorbed in only a matter of months, particularly if there is an immune system response to the filler.

This is not the expected or likely outcome, but it is possible.

Depending on the rate of reabsorption, and the product type used, a repeat will be required within 12-24 months.

The volume of additional filler required will be lower than in the initial procedure, due to residual filler remaining.

Biostimulator fillers can have a half-life of up to 4 years.

It is important to know, that while very rare, it is possible for the filler to be reabsorbed in only a matter of months. This is not the expected outcome, but it is possible.

We offer an initial 8-10 mls of filler, after which additional filler can be added, if desired, after 2 weeks.

This is the safest approach.

It is possible to have more filler, but this must be done cumulatively for the best result, and the highest level of safety.

Ultimately, the girth limit will be determined by the doctor.


The technique is available at the North Valley Plastic Surgery in Phoenix, Arizona, USA, and at the Nefretete Klinik in Bonn, Germany and is relatively common in South Korea.

Enlarging the girth of the penis through the injection of reversible penis fillers is steadily replacing surgery due to the relative safety of the procedure versus surgery.

In countries where girth enhancement is more commonplace, such as in South Korea, an injectable filler is now used in over 80% of penile girth enhancement procedures and the percentage is steadily increasing.

Injectable filler enlargement of the penis is now the most popular penis girth procedure worldwide.


You fit squarely within the normal range of men.

If you want a bigger penis you are in the majority – most men would enjoy a larger penis.

Opting to increase penis girth is more normal (some might argue) than:

  • Investing significant time in the gym body-building (steroids and supplements)
  • Spending excessively on luxuries for the ego, such as the cliché of a sports car
  • Just going through life unsatisfied with an important aspect of your body and identity when there is a relatively easy solution.

For erect length, no.

For flaccid length, yes, the weight of the filler can cause it to hang slightly lower in the flaccid state.

* Individual results will vary from person to person.

However, as is also the case for ‘penis lengthening surgery‘, there is no increased length in the erect state.

For the majority of men, it is extra length when hard that matters, not more length when soft.

The good news for heterosexual couples is that there is evidence that the majority of women prefer penis girth over penis length.  Penis girth is what is provided by this procedure.

In a University of Texas Study, 90% of partners preferred a wider penis while only 10% preferred a longer penis, a link to the study is here.

A study by UCLA’s Sexual Psychophysiology and Affective Neuroscience (SPAN) Laboratory found that women prefer a larger penis girth for casual sex.

Results of this study, as reported by LiveScience, have not yet been published in a peer-reviewed journal.

Penile surgery is a higher risk and largely obsolete approach to penis enlargement.

A surgical approach is taking unnecessary risks, with your penis and the results are inferior.

For penis thickness, surgery is no longer necessary.  

Androfill Reversible Penis Fillers:

  • Treatment time in minutes rather than hours;
  • recovery time is short, and recovery procedures are simple;
  • minimal to no pain and discomfort during recovery time;
  • no surgical cutting and limited bleeding if any caused by the injection, rather than incisions and open surgery;
  • no scarring;
  • requires only local anaesthesia;
  • no requirement for general anaesthesia, or sedation or the use of epidurals;
  • substantial and long-lasting size gains are possible – the treatment is effective;
  • affordable with a lower cost than surgery;
  • maintenance of girth gains actually costs less than fat transfer surgery  (fat absorbs and requires repeat surgeries);
  • a high rate of patient satisfaction;
  • repeatable for cumulative penis enlargement.

It might sound like a good idea to make the penis “fatter” by using fat.

However, the penis is not made of fat, to begin with.

The likelihood is that you will require ongoing repeat surgery, or ‘top-ups’.

The NHS position is generally negative on Free Fat Transfer (FFT) for penis enlargement, as is the American Urological Association.

Take some time to research online, including websites other than those of cosmetic surgery clinics.

Websites provided by the government are generally the best bet.

Try these sources:



Link 1      Link 2


Link 1


Permanent substances can be injected into the penis, however injecting a permanent substance, usually, a form of plastic or polymer, is high risk.

Many men choose to have girth enhancement purely to increase self-confidence or as an ego boost, and may not have a small penis at all.

The majority of our patients have an average penis size.

For those in long-term relationships, consideration should be given to the penis size preference of one’s partner.

Incompatibility in size between male and female sexual organs can be the cause of significant dissatisfaction in sexual relationships.

This may mean that it is inadvisable to proceed with a girth increase (if your partner prefers a smaller or thinner penis for example).

The reversible penis filers we use are not toxic and are based on a compound that is naturally produced by, and found throughout the body.

Reversible dermal fillers have been used in facial aesthetics for a number of years (to plump up the lips or give definition to the cheekbones for example). This compound is also found in the joints where it forms an important part of the synovial fluid that cushions the joints.

For more information on the types of fillers used by international Androfill Clinics, please follow this link to Androfill UK

If you have used a reversible penis filler you can have it dissolved away.

This is one reason why reversible penis fillers are a safer approach to penis enlargement than other methods.

Put simply, in the unlikely event you wish to return to your normal penis size, you can do so, by either waiting for the filler to naturally dissolve itself or by injecting an enzyme to dissolve it instantly into water.

You would, of course, be out of pocket by the amount of the initial procedure. However, unlike penis enlargement surgery and its associated complications, you would not be stuck with a permanent result that you or your partner are unhappy with.

There are no pre-tests required.

Read widely on the subject of penis enlargement, particularly from government or official sources.

See Medical Studies

The procedure itself takes less than 30 minutes on an out-patient basis.

You should allow 2 to 3 hours for a consultation with the doctor, and for topical and local anaesthetics to take effect.

You can leave the clinic and walk or drive home straight away.

We accept all major credit cards.

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